About Us

We believe in quality, affordablity and living well every day!

Koibito Kibun is a Cape Town based clothing brand that inspires women to live well every day.

 Wardrobe essentials; we create effortless staples without sacrificing on style or comfort.

With a focus on affordable pricing, quality construction, and attention to detail, our pieces stand the test of time. We believe in simplicity, consistency and building a personal wardrobe that lasts season after season.

Our Story!


Koibito Kibun

There is the one you Love for life, no matter what (You know that one true love that steals your heart) … the journey starts by sharing those feelings, wants, desires and dreams.
Over time it builds into a relationship that can never be replaced… It’s Simple, Elegant, Beautiful, yet Unique in every way… How we long to experience that for eternity!
For this reason, we strive to provide you with that feeling in everything we do, to relive that moment each and every time you wear our brand.
We work hard for you to experience Quality, Elegance, Confidence and Simplicity… and then that moment arrives, we see you smile, overjoyed with happiness.
Flip, my gosh, spare my butterflies… there it is again Koibito Kibun!


Nationwide Shipping

We are committed to provide you the latest fashion for your convenience.

Best Quality

We source all our materials locally. We partner with local manufacturers that take pride in their work.

Best Offers

We pride ourselves at being able to offer you great value at the most affordable price.

Secure Payments

We have partnered with reputable local payment provider, with years of experience in online shopping.

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